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time:2021-03-07 23:19  author:carey
Headquarters:Australia   Founded:2013
Regulators:Australia ASIC403863; Vanuatu 012868
Trading Platforms:92 safety:AAA Praise:90

average spread   EURUSD1.0,XAUUSD2.1,USOUSD 3.0

trading platform:MT4 trading variety:Forex, precious metals, stock indices, commodities Min Deposit:$100 Min Trade Volume:0.01 Margin Call Level:50% Max Leverage:1:500 Web Url:
Account Type:STP,ECN Spread Type:Variable Spread Scalping:YES Hedging:YES EA:YES Deposit :VSIA,Skrill,UnionPay Withdrawal:VSIA,Skrill,UnionPay tel:950 4059 5638

main information

trade advantage:Supports unrestricted scalping and scalping, and the spread is very low zero ECN: European and American spreads are 0, gold spreads are 0.06, crude oil spreads are 0.015

Reviews:Veteran traders with more than ten years, the platform has low transaction costs and formal operation methods, investors can pay due attention

ECNSTP account type The minimum deposit for opening an account is $100, and there is no handling fee.

Zero ECN account type The minimum deposit for opening an account is 2,000 US dollars, and a handling fee of 6 US dollars is charged for each lot.

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